12 Awesome Cardboard Christmas Crafts and Decoration Ideas

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Christmas is an excellent time of year to try out some do it yourself crafts. The best part about these 12 diy crafts for home is that they use simple materials that can be found around the house, one of which is cardboard. One look at these easy to make DIY ideas, and you will find new use for those cardboard boxes around the house. With Christmas being near, you are sure to be thinking about some decorating ideas that will help make the house more festive and fun. These do it yourself crafts are inexpensive to make, and the kids will especially love them.

1. A lovely Cardboard Christmas Tree diy idea that is an eco-friendly craft that uses recycled cardboard with cut out stars and different colored lights for a tree that is worthy of any room.

2. You will fall in love with the cardboard Red Nose Reindeer craft that uses simple cardboard for a wall piece that looks great above the fireplace or any wall. You can hang a Christmas wreath around it for extra appeal.

3. Fun Snowflakes are a do it yourself craft that is super easy for the kids to enjoy. Colored yarn is used on the snowflakes that can be used for Christmas cards and as Christmas tree ornaments.

4. You will want to take a look at the Faux Cardboard Christmas Fire. This is a great idea for a fireplace that no longer works. This safe and appealing idea will add warmth and fun to any living room; you can even hang the Christmas stockings on the fireplace awaiting the arrival of Santa.

5. The Cardboard Christmas Cardboard Christmas Village Idea is a lovely idea and chance to make your own Christmas scene, and at a fraction of the price. It's a nice diy craft for home that you can add to every year.

6. The diy idea for Cardboard Christmas Star Crafts are nice additions to any Christmas tree, wreath or Christmas gift.

7. The 3D Cardboard Angels are easy to make and can be used in a centerpiece, on top of the Christmas tree or on the fireplace mantle for visual appeal.

8. This Christmas JOY Craft Idea is an inexpensive way to make your own letters for this popular holiday idea.

9. The Cardboard Reindeer Advent Calendar might just be the best diy craft idea yet. This is a project that you can put away and use each year as a great countdown to Christmas.

10. Corrugated Cardboard Gingerbread Man is another diy cool project that can be used for Christmas gifts and the Christmas tree.

11. Cute Cardboard Penguins are an easy DIY craft that can be placed around the house for added holiday charm.

12. Rolled Corrugated Cardboard Christmas Crafts are a nice idea to use on Christmas gifts.

These diy cool projects for Christmas crafts can be found on the Home Decorating Inspiration site. Other diy ideas and do it yourself crafts include decorating decor, Christmas decor, do it yourself rustic decor and so much more. You will find plenty of inspiration for the holidays and throughout the year on this useful site. **

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